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1. Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel is muco-adhesive, moisturises and hydrates, replacing saliva where little or none is present

2. Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel (and Denta-Med Dry Mouth Oral Hygiene Spray) is fluoridated replacing toothpaste, contains zinc chloride, cetylpyridinium chloride and proprietary chitin (plant derived moisturising / hydrating polysaccharide)

3. Denta-Med is benign in flavour, pH balanced, facilitating oral comfort and enjoyment of food.

4. Denta-Med is water soluble, does not build up and pose a potential choking risk. Denta-Med’s viscosity ensures it is safe for all levels of IDDS fluids

5. Denta-Med Dry Mouth Oral Hygiene Spray's 360-degree extended nozzle delivers a fine mist of moisturising, fluoridated Denta-Med™ liquid, providing minimum intervention, effective oral care outcomes in ICU / Palliative Care situations

6. Ingredients contained in Denta-Med protect the mouth from a high bacterial load. Denta-Med inhibits oral malodour (bad breath)

7. Denta-Med does not contain any irritants (strong mint flavours),Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (foaming & drying agent), Alcohol (can burn, sting and dry) or abrasives.

8. Denta-Med products do not contain nuts, gluten, alcohol, dairy, sugar, xylitol or eggs, never tested on animals. Denta-Med products are suitable for the diabetic community. Denta-Med is Halal friendly.

9. Proprietary ingredients in Denta-Med™ provide multiple benefits –  cleans, protects, moisturises, hydrates and soothes the mouth, nurtures oral mucosa and gingival tissue

10. Denta-Med products are developed by a dentist, made in Australia and Endorsed by Australia’s Leading Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Peter Mac VCCC – Dental Oncology Unit

Top Ten Denta-Med Facts

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