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Your Mouth Gel is by far superior to any other I’ve tried, and there’s been many, which are horribly sweet with artificial ingredients or burn my mouth. It’s disgusting and torture having to use them which I unfortunately must because of mouth ulcers, gum disease and bone loss due to many medicines from the age of 10. I’m now 69 and to find your product is such a relief because it’s gentle, pleasant, comforting and does the job better than any other. It’s also an actual pleasure to use which I do more often than I’ve ever done and, to make it even better, is the fact it’s Australian made and owned which I’m delighted with because I try to buy only products and food that are." Yours sincerely,

Denise Forsyth, ACT

“..he has had ulcers for as long as I can remember… a few ulcers the size of a 5 cent piece… Well I am certain it is a miracle… all of us are soooo happy. To anyone who “has tried everything” I advise them to have a go.”


“As a pharmacist we are often the first port of call for trusted health advice. I have found Denta-Med as a wonderful product to recommend to my patients undergoing chemotherapy. It is such a stressful and sensitive time for these patients that having a reliable product that is simple and effective to use is one less thing the patients have to worry about. Denta-Med has easily been the product my patients have given the greatest positive feedback on for alleviating their mouth ulcer discomfort while undergoing chemotherapy. It is refreshing to be able to have a quality product that my patients can get a noticeable benefit from in a very timely manner.”

Tom, Pharmacist, WA

I had huge problems with sensitivity in my mouth following radiation treatment. This is now resolved using your oral gel. After applying the Denta-Med gel, I was amazed at the almost immediate benefit.


Denta Med Gel leaves the mouth moist and clean, “We can visibly see clients appreciate the cooling gel and soft feel even though they may no longer be communicating.”

EPC Palliative Care Nurse 

“Denta-Med Gel has long been a trusted product at Friendlies Claremont. Our staff are confident in recommending it for regular use for the prevention of dental caries, especially to those customers who are sensitive to additives in traditional toothpastes. These customers have returned repeatedly to purchase the gel and use it exclusively, proving its effectiveness in maintaining oral health”

Nghi, Pharmacist, WA 

“...I wasn’t sure what to expect from Denta-Med. I used it for the first time and cried with relief that it brought, instantly calming and no stinging whatsoever!”

J. Turnball, VIC

"“…approximately 92% of residents are in the category of moderate to severe dementia.  Conventional mouth care is often not possible when dealing with residents with aggressive and  unpredictable behaviour. Denta-Med Gel has been used for 3 years in this home. Audits have  revealed that (the Gel) has been effective in maintaining a very satisfactory oral health standard  (and) in many cases markedly improved the oral health status of our residents"


I have many comments about how they like the taste of Denta-Med. One of my patients said to me.” This product has changed my life as I can now enjoy eating again”.

Oral Medicine Specialist VIC

I would recommend Denta-Med products to any person to protect their tooth enamel and oral hygiene in general, especially if suffering from dry mouth.

M. Peterson, QLD

“As I stated; my husband has been undergoing Chemotherapy for the past 23 months and had 30 Rx. of Radiotherapy combined with 10 Rx. of Chemotherapy last Feb. –March 2015. Then He was given different Chemotherapy (NIVOLUMAB)in the Nov. 2015 and became aware his mouth was very dry, no saliva, not able to talk properly, taste or smell food and a very coated tongue. The coating on his tongue was about 5mm thick and what ever was taken orally in the form of fluids the tongue took on the colour of the fluid eg. (Coffee – black, Red Wine –a dark red, Protein Drinks –yellow discolouration) nothing would shift this thick coating. Scrubbing with a toothbrush, N/Saline mouth washed, and Sodium Bicarbonate Mouth Washes had little effect in cleaning the tongue or assisting the production of saliva. Some Nursing staff claimed it was Oral Thrush and ordered (brand name deleted) oral drops, this had no effect on the thick coating of his tongue. I disputed this diagnosis as there was no tongue or mouth soreness on hot drinks or when eating food. He tried (brand name deleted) many mouth washes, gels and sprays these had no effect, his mouth was totally dry even when he used the (products) repeatedly during the day. A bottle of water created more moisture in his mouth while drinking. At my wits end, I inadvertently (and fortunately) came across Denta-Med Gel. My husband’s ongoing oral issues were resolved by using Denta-Med. His mouth is moist and comfortable, he also reports an improvement with the salivary quality and content of his mouth.

Anon. VIC

While my husband was undergoing Radiotherapy Rx. again, at Epworth Hospital in August 12- 18th 2016, one of the Radio-oncology Nurses gave him 4 x 5ml sachets of Denta-Med to try. In 6 days, he had noticed his tongue was less coated and he had some moisture in his mouth. He is using the Denta-Med daily BD. It is now 16 days since he started using the Denta-Med and his tongue is almost totally clean and pink and he has saliva back in his mouth. He still has days when his speech is not clear, but these are less frequent. The vast number of Chemotherapy drugs he has been given in the past 23 months has had a detrimental effect on his body and appetite, but he no longer has to apologise to the Dentist for the “dry black tongue”. I would recommend Denta-Med to any person undergoing Chemotherapy, for the protection of their tooth enamel and oral hygiene in general, especially if suffering from the “dry mouth syndrome”. Diana. Rosanna, Victoria

Diana, Rosanna, VIC

I was given a sample of Denta - Med Gel to try and haven't looked back. I love this product. My dentist can't believe how great my mouth hygiene is after using this product for about 3 years,  just recently I tried Denta-Med Dry Mouth Oral Hygiene spray . I keep it in my bag during the day when I'm out and about. I can't speak highly enough of these products best of all these products are Australian made


For as long as I can remember I was always aloof, shy, quiet and avoided getting close to anyone. This was a result of a bad metallic taste in my mouth (I am now in my 60's). Sad to say that bad breath created who I was and I did not like it !! A few years ago I discovered Denta-Med Gel on the internet. I started using it and after a short period of time the bad taste disappeared and it has changed my personality. I found myself starting to talk to people without hesitating and even getting up close to them without holding my breath until I turned away. I have become more outgoing and much happier within myself. Thank you for this wonderful life changing gel.

Robyn R., QLD

“I know it sounds corny, but Denta-Med Gel has made such a difference to my quality of life. My teeth feel better, my tongue hurts less, my breath isn’t stinky, and I can sleep.”

Anon. VIC

Just thought I'd send an email to thank you for making a terrific product. While my wife was very ill and undergoing heavy doses of chemotherapy, we were introduced to Denta Med Gel. It was the only toothpaste/gel she could use that didn't adversely react with her treatment. To finally find a product that would allow her to clean her teeth and freshen up her mouth without any side affects or harsh metallic aftertaste was a great comfort to her.

Terry Downey, Vic

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