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Overnight Relief from Dry Mouth symptoms. Denta-Med™ Dry Mouth Gel provides multiple benefits - Moisturises, Cleans, Protects, Hydrates and soothes the mouth and gums

Denta-Med™ is a Moisturising, fluoridated Gel (Sodium Fluoride 1,000ppm) binding to the surfaces inside the mouth

Denta-Med™ enhances the quality of saliva. Where there is no saliva present, Denta-Med™ Dry Mouth Gel replaces/replicates its very important protective role in the mouth

Denta-Med™ Dry Mouth Gel is a long lasting, hydrating formulation. Using gentle cleansers that are low foaming (no SLS), alcohol free, Xylitol free, does not dry, sting or burn the mouth

Brush with Denta-Med™ Dry Mouth Gel instead of regular toothpaste for dry and sensitive mouths. Contains fluoride, Denta-Med™ Dry Mouth Gel binds to the surfaces of the teeth and oral tissues - Moisturising, Strengthening, Cleaning and Protecting the whole mouth

Made in Australia

Denta-Med Dry Mouth Gel is available in 20 x 3mL sachets, 65mL tube, 125mL pump bottle, 300mL pump bottle

Denta-Med DRY MOUTH Sachets

Convenient "On the Go' Denta-Med Dry Mouth sachets


Helping to relieve Dry Mouth symptoms throughout the day...wherever you are

Perfect for travel, purse size, single serve, easy tear opening

Denta-Med DRY MOUTH Sachets

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  • Denta-Med Gel Conditions

  • Denta-Med is a patented formulation, providing moisture and hydration;  for a more comfortable mouth day and night

  • Denta-Med uses cleansers especially selected to help maintain and support extra sensitive mucosal tissues

  • Long lasting hydrating formulation

  • Denta-Med Gel Soothes the mouth and gums

  • Denta-Med is pH balanced

  • Supports extra sensitive mucosal tissues

  • Denta-Med Cleans

  • Zinc Chloride helps to neutralise odour and stains

  • Uses gentle cleansers

  • Pleasant and well tolerated flavour

  • Denta-Med Protects

  • Our product helps to defend the teeth, reducing bacterial adhesion

  • Fluoride strengthens teeth and helps to protect from decay


Proudly Australian Made and Owned


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