Gum Disease Testimonials

GINGIVITIS (Perio) Gum Disease

I love this toothpaste a lot. It has a nice neutral taste and has brought relief to my gums and tongue. I am in the unique position at 51 years old to still have two baby teeth. For some odd reason the adult teeth did not descend and somehow my baby teeth have roots strong enough to stay in my gums. However they are not in good condition and have needed filling over the years. They also have shrunk from my gum line causing a gap that can be sensitive and trap food resulting in pain and smelly breath. The denta-med soothes the pain and neutralises the smell which I’m very thankful for.

Anon. South Australia

Dear Sir, I am writing a long overdue letter to let you know the satisfaction that I have had after the use of your oral gel (Denta-Med). I must first let you know a little about my history which I believe is very applicable. I was born with a cleft lip and palate which has always been the bane of my life and something I have had to come to terms with, I have an identical twin sister and there have always been comparisons made between us, both by ourselves and other people. I guess it was these comparisons and striving for sameness that led me to a surgeon to have the first of many operations both oral and cranio-facial. Subsequently there were many visits to periodontists, orthodontists, prosthodontists, and plastic surgeons. Nobody would touch me or even look at me with a so called "dirty mouth". I had always thought that I looked after and cleaned my teeth well, until I met my prosthodontist. This therefore meant endless teeth scrubbing and flossing. Eventually I reached an acceptable standard and was operated on in the Royal Adelaide Hospital in 1979, and 1980, and later in Perth in 1983. I was then fitted with an appliance with teeth that has become part of my life. The only dilemma that this reality presented was that it was not a permanent fixture and that it covered my entire hard palate. This was further compromised by the fact that I became pregnant (after I married in 1987) and during this pregnancy became very susceptible to gingivitis. I was forever cleaning my teeth and if I so much as missed out one cleaning session, that I would suffer the consequences. I went on a quest then to find something that could combat the evil gingivitis at all times. At the same time I needed to feel confident enough about the product to use it regularly and that it would the affected part on the path of reform. It was suggested to me by a friend that I use an oral gel (Denta-Med), and what a terrific result I had in such a short time! It was certainly worth the wait. I really believe that this oral gel (Denta-Med) deserves a very high profile in the field of dentistry. I not only use it as a normal toothpaste, but also as a gel under my appliance after I have brushed my teeth. The best thing about it is if that if I do miss a brushing or I am eating on the run I feel sure the gel (Denta-Med) is attacking the plaque.

K.B, Nedlands, WA

I am one of those people who have had to have a tooth removed here and there over the years, not because of decay, but because of problems with my gums. It seems to be genetic as other members in the family have had similar problems. Basically, no matter how much I cleaned my teeth, bacteria would penetrate between my teeth and gums, inflaming the gums and eroding the bone that supports the teeth. Apart from very expensive visits to gum specialists (who still did not offer a cure), I had to take control of the situation as best as I could. While searching the internet, I stumbled upon the website about Denta-Med. It seemed to be the answer to my problem, because the nanotechnology could boost and prolong the effectiveness of the gel's active ingredients.

To me, this meant more of a chance to battle the harmful bacteria. I have been using Denta-Med for about 10 months now and my gums have definitely improved and do not inflame. I have always had problems with my gums, mostly in my upper mouth. During my last visit to the Dentist, the Dentist said that my gums had improved (particularly my lower mouth) and stated that I would probably keep those teeth for the rest of my life, she said that she could not have said that before. Even in the worst problem area between two of my upper teeth, things have definitely improved and I certainly don’t get the regular swelling anymore. I would recommend Denta-Med to anyone with similar problems, as now I do not fear the occasional abscess anymore causing my face to swell up. Thank you so much for producing such a great product!!!

A.K. Burns Beach, W.A

Dear Patrick, You know I have been using the Gel (Denta-Med) since you first produced it. Only the other day one of the young colts (dentist)- told me he was amazed at my gingival condition. This is a far cry from the days when regular -and I mean regular -scalings could not keep me healthy. I am so glad you are able at last able to guarantee continuity of supply as I have so many patients who now rely on it and there is a noticeable drop off in their oral health since they have not been able to obtain it.

Dr. J.D, Perth, WA

...As you know, I had huge problems with sensitivity in my mouth following radiation treatment. This has now resolved using your oral gel (Denta-Med). Prior to your timely arrival, nothing would alleviate the problem I hd with my teeth and gums. After applying the Denta Med gel, I was amazed at the almost immediate benefit. I cannot thank you enough.

AM. B, West Leederville, WA

I have been using Denta-Med gel regularly since Dr. Shanahan first introduced this product...during this time I have not had any trouble with gingival tissues, never get mouth ulcers (I used often to suffer these) and never get a sore throat. I am very pleased with these results and have no hesitation in recommending the gel to all my friends. Yours sincerely,

H.M, Nedlands, WA