Elderly & Pallative Care Testimonials

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product Denta-Med!! Absolute revolution in Oral care for our Residents who depend on care staff to keep mouths moist, clean& healthy Easy application for residents who resist oral care with conventional paste and brush, gentle application with sponge brush provides same level of hygiene especially for those residents with natural teeth where caries may be of concern The use of Denta- Med for palliating residents is outstanding, far superior to the usual suspects! Denta Med leaves the mouth moist and clean, we can visibly see residents appreciate the cooling gel and soft feel even though they may no longer be communicating Ensures oral medication that may be used at end stage of life is not sticking to dry mucosa Palliative medication by its nature and chemical composition can be the cause of Xerostomia Denta Med is instrumental in managing this unpleasant side effect and as such having discovered Denta Med it will always be used in my home for this very purpose Also recommend use of Denta Med for more cognitively intact residents on the usual gaggle of medication notorious for causing Xerostomia and sensitivity!! Would I recommend this product?? YES 11 out of 10!

Residential Care Clinical Manager, VIC

Dear Dr Shanahan, for some time I've intended to write to thank you for your oral gel (Denta-Med). For about 20 years I had bad breath, which actually used to wake me up at night. It caused me much distress socially and much worry in my work (nursing) where one has to be in close contact with patients. Regular dental visits, oral hygiene, and a good diet were all to no avail. I carried a toothbrush and paste everywhere where I went and used them almost hourly. Before your lecture in Bunbury 8 or so years ago I started using the AP gel (Denta-Med) with spectacular results. At first I used it 3 times a day, just to make sure, as I was still cleaning my teeth many times a day. However, about 2 months later I stopped the excessive cleaning, and my breath was not waking me up at night. People were not taking a step back when I spoke. I felt I could even breathe normally when attending my patients instead of holding my breath, then turning away to exhale. After about 12 months -ever cautious - I reduced my use of the Gel to twice a day, but I really could have done it much earlier, I think. Two years ago the root cause was diagnosed as food sensitivity. Since eliminating the problem foods from my diet I use the Gel once a day as a prophylactic. At the time of your first lecture in Bunbury I nursed in aged care and the nursing home bought some of the gel (Denta-Med) for 2 of our residents whose dental problems caused them distress. One, Mrs W, had had recurrent mouth ulcers most of her life and became unable and unwilling to tolerate dentures. She was "fed up". We used the Gel for her oral hygiene, and after a week or so persuaded her to give her teeth another try, using a dob of Gel on the palate of her dentures as well as cleaning her oral cavity with it. I don't recall her having much problem thereafter. Another lady, Mrs L, was from admission reluctant to allow oral care. Obviously it was too painful. She had teeth that were almost black. She was seen by a dentist, but it was deemed by him and the family that treatment would be too stressful for her(she was very disorientated and confused) She had a strong faecal odour to her breath which was occasionally treated successfully with Flagyl, but once the course was completed the odour would return. Nothing we did would moderate it. We decided to try the (Denta-Med ) gel. Because she refused to open her mouth for oral care, we used to put a little (Denta-Med) gel on a spoon and offer it to her. She had a habit of rolling food around her mouth and this she did with the (Denta-Med) gel too. A few weeks later she allowed us to clean her mouth with some gel on gauze, and a few weeks after we were able to use a soft toothbrush. The faecal odour diminished and finally went after about six months and Mrs L changed from being an angry worried looking lady to being a happy person who laughed readily. She even opened her mouth spontaneously when she saw the toothbrush. The teeth too lost a lot of their discoloration. I felt at the time this was one of our major achievements in oral care, but really all credit must go to you. One more success story; our grandson, Matthew, wore bands on his teeth for 2 years. He was meticulous about cleaning them as per instructions, but was repeatedly in trouble from the orthodontist for his failure to clean them properly. I gave him one of my tubes of Oral Gel (Denta-Med), and from then on all was well. I asked him to tell the ortho what he was using but being shy I'm not sure he did. You can tell what a difference this has made to my life personally and professionally. Thanking you so much.

F.M, Brunswick Junction, WA

FBNH has forty nine residents with approximately 92% in the category of moderate to severe dementia. Conventional mouth care is often not possible when dealing with residents with aggressive or unpredictable behaviour. AP Gel (Denta-Med) has been used for 3 years in this home. Audits have revealed AP Gel (Denta-Med) has been effective in maintaining a very satisfactory oral health standard but in many cases markedly improved the oral health status of our residents.

Director of Nursing, FB Nursing Home, WA