Dry Mouth Testimonials

I have been using Denta-Med gel on a regular basis since it arrived. I haven't actually had any particular problems such as mouth ulcers since it came (you remember I told you I had used AP Gel (formerly Denta-Med) for a number of years with excellent results for mouth ulcers and the like), it relieves my dry mouth as I need to use it every night. I still say this is the best product for dry mouth on the market and I have high hopes of never having to report on its efficacy for mouth ulcers!

A.G.Albany, W.A.

Dear Dr Shanahan, Thank you for making Denta-Med gel available to all our members. Their mouths are now comfortable, clean and moist.

M.V, Secretary of Lupus Scleroderma Sjögren’s SA Support Group

"...for the past 25 years I have had dry mouth and have also had a metal taste in my mouth. Now after using Denta-Med gel that taste has finally gone and I no longer have dry mouth. It is a miracle. Thank you very much for your product."

E.S, Victoria

"I have just placed an order for Denta-Med. No wonder you have sold out. I am on my second tube from my first order which I purchased because I suffer from Sjögren’s with dry mouth. Before I started using Denta-Med my mouth had ulcers all the time and I would wake up with the worst dry mouth , certain foods would take the lining of skin from inside my mouth, Thanks to Denta Med these symptoms have all but gone. I Would like to thank Dr Shanahan for developing a great product, I have recommended it to my Dentist & other dry mouth sufferers."

J.C, Murwillumbah, NSW

Denta-Med is the best product for dry mouth! I have tried every toothpaste, mouthwash etc and nothing is as good as Denta-Med. I have been using it for over two years now. I used to suffer from severe reflux at night. It would leave a horrible, acid taste in my mouth and my mouth would be so dry, making it impossible to sleep through the night. Also, two of my friends who have suffered from cancer have both said Denta-Med gel was the only thing that made their mouths feel comfortable and clean. They too, had tried everything that was available at the pharmacies and supermarkets, but only Denta-Med worked. Thank you Dr. Shanahan, it's the best product for the mouth, whatever your health circumstances are.

Mrs. Anderson, Fremantle. WA

After reading about Denta-Med I decided to give it a try. I have Sjögren’s syndrome and have been plagued with dry mouth and mouth ulcers for several years. I would sometimes have 3 to 4 large ulcers at any one time, and regularly resorted to a steroid paste. I have used a reputable toothpaste, mouth wash and gels specifically for dry mouth for several years but still the mouth ulcers come. I have used Denta-Med for 12 weeks and have noticed a remarkable improvement in the comfort of my mouth as far as the dry mouth goes---but what amazes me more is the reduction of mouth ulcers I have had. I am not saying that I haven't had any mouth ulcers but they have been dramatically reduced and I have not once, since using Denta-Med, used the steroid mouth ulcer treatment. I find if I have an ulcer I treat it with a dab of Denta-Med in addition of using Denta-Med as a toothpaste twice daily. The bottom line is that I have found a dramatic improvement with dry mouth and an even more dramatic improvement with recurring mouth ulcers. I highly recommend this product and thank you, thank you for making this product available.

V.K, Qld

"...I just wanted to let you know that Denta-Med toothpaste has been a life saver to my sleep! In 1997, when I was 26, I got metastatic melanoma around the lymph glands in my neck. I had a bi-lateral neck dissection and a pretty rough course of radiation therapy. Until then, I'd never had any problem with my teeth, had never had a filling and my teeth were lovely and white! (those were the days!!) Now I don't have a tooth in my mouth that hasn't been filled numerous times and the majority have had root canals, my tongue is overly sensitive and 'prickly', my breath gets yucky and my whole mouth condition (despite religiously following every single rule I've been given - bi-carb mouthwashes, ***** ****** (brand name deleted), fluoride trays etc etc) is very poor.

My post-cancer dentist gave me some of your Denta-Med to use a year ago and Oh My God!! This has made SUCH a difference! I've been using ****** (brand name deleted) for years which has helped to keep my mouth sort of moist, but I was still waking up several times in the night having problems breathing because I was just so dry, even down my throat. Dr ****** told me that while ******(brand name deleted) is a good product, it doesn't have a neutral pH so it wasn't helping fight my dental decay.

Denta-Med however has a neutral pH (which I'm sure you know!! Lol) I not only use Denta-Med as a toothpaste but also as a mouth gel. I smear a small amount around my mouth, mainly on the teeth, then I put some ******(brand name deleted) (I tried just using Denta-Med but it was a bit sticky on its own) These two products combined (along with using Denta-Med as a toothpaste) are fantastic!! I now sleep the majority of every night without waking up! Oh Yay!! And my dental decay has been greatly reduced. I know it sounds corny, but Denta-Med really has made such a difference to my quality of life! My teeth feel better, my tongue hurts much less, my breath isn't stinky and I can sleep!! Thank you SO much for all of the effort and research that has gone into creating this product! Quality of life is so much more important than quantity (I think, anyway!) and you've definitely improved mine!

 Natasha Hall, QLD