Bad Breath Testimonials

Bad Breath (Halitosis)

I purchased your product and used it for a total of five days to date. Wow! I cannot tell you how much (Denta-Med) has saved my social life. My problem started fourteen years ago when I developed post nasal drip (PN) due to severe allergies, which caused me to have chronic bad breath 24-7, need I say more here! I simply avoided family and friends at all cost in order not to offend anyone but I knew that I could not avoid people forever so I searched the web and found your amazing product (Denta-Med) and thanks to your product my life was spared. Yes, I still have (PN) but I no longer have" chronic bad breath" which I find is a miracle in itself and I am now thrilled with the idea of having fresh breath. My husband was my first tester he said that there was no odour to my breath at all, just a clean minty smell. I noticed at work that everyone stands close and no one stands back or turn away when I am talking.

Anon. Australia

"I am definitely happy to reorder from Denta Med. It does exactly what it says it does. And the price is fantastic. I use it before going to bed.....And wow! The next morning - no more morning breath! I use normal paste in the morning...and I'm good all day. People do not lean away when I speak. What a feeling. The important thing is the white film on my tongue is markedly reduced. My gums no longer bleed. And my breath is noticeably fresher. This product should be in every home. Thank you so very much.

J.A. Sydney, Australia

"I just wanted to say thank you! What a fantastic product. My new partner has on various occasions complained about my breath... and I had no idea... I was becoming very self conscious of the matter and made an appointment with the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and checked and all she could tell me was that I was not brushing my teeth properly. However... no matter how much I brushed and flossed... he still said I had bad breath. I decided to go searching and stumbled across Denta-Med... realising that I may have dry mouth... particularly when stressed... due to my current circumstances... and decided to give it a try. Barely two weeks later and my partner commented that my breath was definitely better... I was so happy to hear that. I will continue to use Denta-Med. Thank you so very much!

K.T, Melbourne, Vic

Honestly I must say, after spending hundreds of dollars on mouthwashes, toothpastes, mints, and sprays which did not work for me. My mouth no longer has the metallic taste, it now feel and smell clean for the entire day. I am finally cured from (CBB). Again thank you for curing the most embarrassing hygiene problem in the most economical way you have done an outstanding job!

MGH. Washington, D.C, United States